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B i o g r a p h y

I am a freelance professional violin performer and teacher in Bali, Indonesia.

I have been playing violin for 11 years and teaching for the last 7 years.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Jogjakarta Institute of Arts and currently teach both children and adults in private violin lessons as well as music theory.

My introduction to the violin came at ....and in the early years I was focussed on classical violin; including performances with XYZ and ABC orchestra's in Jakarta and played live and in studio for such events as ABDJKDFHke and EOWHFOEHT.

In recent years I have adapted the classical techniqes for modern and electronic music performed with a DJ or in smaller venues with just iPod backing tracks.  This provides a unique alternative to standard performances and as a solo artist often helps with events on limited budget.   









I currently perform at events in Indonesia, either solo, with a DJ, piano or guitar accompaniment or a full band depending on the event and personal requirements.  I am available for performances in the Asia Pacific region.


My typical performances include:

Wedding ceremonies and/or reception
Corporate events
Farewells, birthdays or other celebrations
Private performances
Sports events such as prize giving or end of season functions
Regular or one-off performance at hotels

I am passionate about music and put 100% of my energy into my client performances. 
" Quote, qoute quote quote..." - Mr XYZ, ABC Hotel


Bachelor of Music Education with 7 years teaching & 11 years playing experience

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