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SUNSET PERFORMANCE -  2014 Rimba Jimbaran Hotel, Bali

New Years Performance with DJ   2012-13 Klapa, Bali

GALA DINNER FOR 4000 PEOPLE  -  2016, GWK Cultural Park, Bali

YIRUMA RIVER FLOW COVER  -  2015, Cliff Top Wedding, Bali

A. Vivaldi (Summer)  Classical Performance - 2014, Bali

Canon in D Major, Wedding Reception -   2014, Bali

Wedding Reception -  2014, Bali

With the Band -  2012, Bali


Cover of Norah Jones (I don't know why) with Photo Slide show of last 7 years with my violin - 2013, Bali

Practising in near freezing Queenstown before wedding performance -  Queenstown, 2014, NZ

River Flow by Yiruma -  Jamming @ Home, Bali

Spontaneous Jam with DJ (David Vandetta) at home  2013, Bali

Jamming at University  2011, Yogjakarta

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